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Cash-Out Refinance Loans

A Cash out refinance is a pretty common loan these days and can be supported my most conventional lenders. But what if you cannot qualify for a conventional loan how do you get access to the equity in your real estate if you need it? We work with business owners and self-employed clients who do not qualify conventionally but can also help people who have recently become divorced, retired or received real estate as an inheritance but don’t qualify to get a loan from a bank.  Since we don’t pull credit or require tax returns our loans can support those who don’t fit in the box.

  • Loan size: $25k-1M
  • No bank statement or tax returns required
  • No minimum FICO required
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No extension fees
  • Max Loan to value 65%
  • Loans funded in 3-5 business days

Simple Rates and Terms

Loan Origination Fee: 3 Points (min. $2,500)
Loan Document Fee: $650
Monthly Interest Rate: 1% per month
Monthly Payment: Interest Only
Loan Amount Range: $50,000 up to $2,000,000
Closing Costs: Paid by Borrower

Loan Closing: 3-5 Business Days
Loan Maturity: 1 month to 10 years
Property Appraisal: Not Required
Underwriting Fee: None
Pre-Payment Penalty: Never
Extension Fee: $0 on performing loans

Is a Cash-Out Refinance right for me?

Well it depends, you are not a number and NW Private Lending is not a bank. We don’t evaluate our clients with FICO scores, citizenship, or debt to income calculations. We are a Private Lending company who gets to know our clients situations and works to do everything we can to solve problems. If you need quick cash out of your investment real estate we can give it to you, but will work with you to make sure it is the best financial decision for you.

Patricia’s Story

At Northwest Private Lending, we love being able to connect clients like Patricia with loans that wouldn’t typically be available through banks. By taking advantage of our cash-out refinance loan program, Patricia and her family were not only able to hold on to the equity in their house but their hard work paved the way for them to become first-time real estate investors!

hard money Cash Out Refinance

Location: 39385 Dubarko Rd, Sandy, OR

Property Value: $300,000

Loan Amount: $126,000

Scenario:  Borrower received the home in an inheritance but needed to take over the mortgage.  At the time the home had fallen into disrepair and without the property being rented the borrower’s income would not allow them to qualify for a conventional loan.  Because they could not pay off the parent’s small loan to the bank, they were going to lose the property and their Inheritance.  NWPL helped the client purchase the property from the bank with a 5-year interest-only loan.  NWPL also funded additional money which gave them the time they needed to fix it up and get it rented out.

Cash Out Refinance Real Estate Property

Location: 17431 SE Boardman ct., Portland, OR

Property Value: $335,000

Loan Amount: $110,000

Scenario: Borrower inherited the rental home but needed quick cash to pay for estate taxes and payments to other members after their mother passed away.  Instead of being forced to sell the property at a discount, NWPL was able to get them the quick cash when they needed it most.  This gave them the option to keep the rental property or sell it on their own timeline and at the best price.

Customer Review: “I needed some answers to questions I had in regards to finances. Not only were they answered, I was also schooled in the fine are of what it’s like to be treated as a human and not a number or someone to make a buck off of. The talent and professionalism in closing my lone and the hands-on knowledge that I experienced is a breath of fresh air. No hassle straightforward service. True concern for me and the issue made things feel like I have been friends with the staff forever. Hard to find care for others and talent in one place. Thanks Eric for the help and the choice of staff.” – Tim Telemente

Rehab Refinance Property

Locations: 12225 & 12205 SE 19th Ave, Portland, OR.

Property Value: $1,900,000

Loan Amount: $1,100,000

Scenario: Client owned two waterfront properties on the Willamette river and wanted to subdivide 3 buildable lots in-between the two properties.  Each property was liened by seperat lenders and neither would allow for the subdivision.  NWPL refinanced both properties with one loan, allowed the subdivision and paid for 6-months of interest reserves to complete the project.

Google Review: “Northwest Private Lending is a pleasure to work with and always closes on time. We have closed 10+ deals with them and they are the easiest lender I have ever dealt with. When they say they will close, they will. Hard Money has recently gone to Wall Street for funding with more stipulations and many lenders close in 30-40 days with full appraisals. Eric is true hard money and he is the decision-maker. I have peace of mind that we will close in time when I work with Eric.” – Matthew Gillis

Cash Out Refinance Real Estate Property Kalama, WA

Owned Property: 172 and 180 N 2nd, Kalama WA

Purchased Property: 8-plex on the east coast

Value of both properties: $450,000

Loan Amount: $160,000

Scenario: Client had a great opportunity to pick up an 8-plex out of state for $160,000.  They owned 2 investment properties in Kalama free and clear but had not yet been renovated.  They needed to utilize the equity in those properties to close quickly.  NWPL enabled them to purchase the new property with no money out of pocket and now has 10-cashfling units.

Google Review: “Eric is more than just a money lender. He’s a great person. He listens to what you need and makes it happen no matter what. He takes your need and makes it his own. We’ve been working with him now for 2 years and would love to continue, even if we have no need for funding, we see him as a friend. This guy is just awesome! I wish I could give him more than 5 stars! His whole team is outrageous!” – Renay Mortensen 

We currently service loans in Oregon and Washington.

Hard Money Lender Oregon Washington

Northwest Private Lending Inc NMLS # 1522364 // ML # 5496 is based in Portland, Oregon. NW Private Lending is an Equal Opportunity Hard Money Lender. We provide quick acess to capital for borrowers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers in Oregon and Washington. NW Private Lending is a collateral based lender focusing on bridge loans, fix and flip or rehab loans, commercial loans and non-owner occupied real estate investment properties.

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