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NW Private Lending Portland

Northwest Private Lending

    Northwest Private Lending is a Portland-based private lender specializing in hard money or collateral-based loans with over 30…

Hard Money Difference

Hard Money vs. Soft Money

In this video, Eric Larson, founder of Northwest Private Lending explains the difference between hard money vs. soft money.

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Pros and Cons of Hard Money

Hard Money Lending Pros and Cons Considering a Private Money or Hard Money Loan?  For the right real estate investment,…

Bridge Loans Hard Money

What Is A Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans A hard money loan is a loan that is primarily secured by the equity in a Hard asset…most commonly…

Portland Private Lender

What is a Private Money Loan?

Private Money Loans When considering a loan, it is important to understand where the money comes from.  The concept of…

Fix And Flip Loans

House Flipping / Fix and Flip / Fix and Hold

Fix And Flip Loans The basic strategy of a Fix and Flip loan is to help real estate investors purchase…

Collateral Based Loans

Collateral Based or Asset Based Loans

What Are Collateral Based Loans? Asset-based or Collateral Based lending are loans that are primarily secured by an asset.  These…

Pooled Equity Funds

What Are Pooled Equity Funds? 

What Are Pooled Equity Funds? A pooled equity fund is when a group of investors pool their money together to…

Hard Money Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Investing In Real Estate With Hard Money Hard money real estate investment has many preferential tax implications not allowed in…

Northwest Private Lending Inc NMLS # 1522364 // ML # 5496 is based in Portland, Oregon. NW Private Lending is an Equal Opportunity Hard Money Lender. We provide quick acess to capital for borrowers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers in Oregon and Washington. NW Private Lending is a collateral based lender focusing on bridge loans, fix and flip or rehab loans, commercial loans and non-owner occupied real estate investment properties.

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