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Daniel’s Story


My name is Eric Larson. I own Northwest Private Lending. One of my favorite aspects about what I get to do is to be able to make loans to people who otherwise might not be able to get conventional financing.

Daniel is a person who fell on hard times, who worked his tail off and who is rewriting his life and just needed a little help a t the right time. He was waking up at two or three in the morning, driving to Boeing, which was two and a half hours away from his home, working in a full day job, driving back, and then starting on the building of a house. And he was building a house next to his home, but he wanted to sell for a profit so that he could afford a home near his work. He would save a little bit, then he would build the house a little bit more, and then he worked some more, save a little bit more more, build the house.

It would have taken him another year, year and a half to finish the project. But if he had the capital, he could have just finished it up in a couple of months and he can move towards his goals. And I just love the opportunity to help someone who’s working hard, who believes in the American dream. So many people, they borrow money and they want to buy a TV set or a car they can’t afford. And Daniel wanted to build a home to better his family. And that’s exactly the type of loans we make.

I ran into Eric and he was just a lifesaver. He believed in my story. He believed in me taking care of my family. It was an emotional situation because, you know, I’m living in this tripwire at night and I’m trying to finish my home right next by me. And I just couldn’t. I didn’t have the time. I didn’t have the income. I didn’t have anything to finish up. I felt like at the time I was drowning and I felt, Northwest Private Lending just gave me a life jacket, man. It relieved all the stress off of me that I had. It was, it was a lifesaver. Where we’re at now, man, I’m building a house in Olympia that’s probably like 20 minutes away from my work. It’s my dream house. I’ll be able to come home to my family every single day and not be tired. You know, kiss my kids in the morning when they go to school. You know what I mean? I’ll be able to do some things that most families are supposed to do.

Northwest Private Lending is a Portland-based private money lender specializing in hard money or collateral-based loans. Our family has been making private mortgage loans to real estate investors for over 30 years. We have made over $600 million in private loans to the good people of Oregon and Washington. Call us today at 503-941-5473 to find out if a hard money loan is right for you!

Northwest Private Lending Inc NMLS # 1522364 // ML # 5496 is based in Portland, Oregon. NW Private Lending is an Equal Opportunity Hard Money Lender. We provide quick acess to capital for borrowers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers in Oregon and Washington. NW Private Lending is a collateral based lender focusing on bridge loans, fix and flip or rehab loans, commercial loans and non-owner occupied real estate investment properties.

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